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Cooperatives of Samos, High Peaks 2013 750ml
Price: $11.99
100% Muscat
Aegean Islands, Greece
Light Body, White, Dry
Wine Description
Pale, with yellow-green hues this wine is crafted from grapes of the most select mountain vineyards of the island that are perched on their stone terraces 2,600 ft above sea level. It has a character replete with finesse with the floral and fruity aromas typical of the Muscat expressed here in a delicate manner. Elegantly expressed, the palate offers refreshing acidity and satisfactory intensity. It may be enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif, but it can also do justice to a number of first courses.
Vineyard & Production Info
Since antiquity, connoisseurs have enjoyed the wines of Samos. Samos is an island located in the eastern portion of the country in the Aegean Sea. It is mountainous with fertile soils that grow a variety of commodities. The Samos Cooperative, established in 1934, is one of the oldest cooperatives in Greece. It is also responsible for the islands wine production, sales and marketing. Samian wines were the first to be recognized as an Appelation d’Origine Controlle (AOC). The vine growing villages are located along the northern side of the island between the coast and Mount Ambelos. Overall, the cooperative represents twenty-six vine growing villages. All of the wines are made from the indigenous Moschato (Muscat) grape.

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